Frequently asked questions about Vigie-Chiro

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Vigie-Chiro.

1. When to carry out this protocol?

There are two counting periods:

  • from the beginning of the school year until 1 November ;
  • and from 1 April until the summer holidays.

2. How can I get an ultrasonic recorder?

We can lend you an ultrasonic recorder free of charge. Please contact us to reserve it as soon as possible.

3. How do I set up the ultrasonic recorder?

Set up the ultrasonic recorder you received to record bat calls in the vicinity of your establishment for at least one night. It is set to start 30 minutes before sunset, so be sure to set it down early enough. The recording then stops 30 minutes after sunrise, so you can remove the recorder the day after you record.
All the information about the installation of this recorder is available in this document.

 4. How long can I have the ultrasonic recorder?

We usually lend our recorder for a maximum of one week to allow as many classes as possible to benefit from it.

 5. How do you identify bats?

called echolocation, works like radar: bats emit sounds that are reflected back by the objects around them as an echo. From this echo, bats create a mental image of their surroundings, just as we do with our eyes, which receive light reflected from the objects around us.
Each species of bat emits calls with its own characteristics (frequency, intensity and duration of the call), which allow us to determine the species of chiropteran in question.