Frequently asked questions about Oiseaux des jardins

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Oiseaux des jardins Observatory.

1. When to do this protocol?

Whenever you want, every day, once a month, or even occasionally!
You can observe the birds and send us your data throughout the year. In winter, observation will be easier if you place a feeder. In early spring, the birds will be more active, more visible and more audible, all without tree leaves to hide them!


2. Where to carry out this protocol?

The observation should be done in a well-defined space, within which you will count the birds: a part of the courtyard, a terrace of the school, a square or a well-defined part of a large public park.


3. What should be counted?

Only count birds landing in your garden, not flying over it!
Exceptions to this rule are insectivores and birds of prey hunting over the garden: swallows, swifts, hawks...
You can note these species if you observe them hunting at your observation site.
If you observe a species that is not listed in the observatory, you should still take it into account and enter it in the "Note" section.

4. How to count the birds?

You should keep the maximum number of individuals of each species observed at the same time. Thus, if you count 5 blue tits, then 7, then 4 again, only retain 7 and not 16.