Our team


photo sebastien

Sébastien Turpin

As a Life and Earth sciences teacher, Sébastien joined the Vigie-Nature team at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle to develop Vigie-Nature École. Since then, he has been in charge of coordinating Vigie-Nature École, and is responsible for developing and running the programme. He also conducts work in science education on the theme of biodiversity.

photo simon

Simon Bénateau

Simon is an ecological engineer with a passion for data sharing and the creation of educational tools. He joined the team to develop Galaxy-Bricks. His interest in the programme led him to assist Sébastien in the programme's animation and development missions as deputy coordinator of Vigie-Nature École. He also participates in the analysis of Vigie-Nature École data.

photo jerome

Jérome Micucci

After a career as a freelance web developer, Jérôme joined the team to develop the Vigie-Nature École website in an agile manner and to integrate the specific demands of the school world as closely as possible. He also manages the server and the database on which the observations are stored. In addition, Jérôme gives programming courses at the University of Evry.