Our snail and slug quizzes!

Get ready with these quizzes to be ready when you have to identify snails and slugs in the protocol!

To help you, consider using the determination key which is available here.


Train yourself to recognise the slugs from Operation Snail:

Slug Quiz 1 (easy level)

Slug Quiz 2 (advanced level)


And become an expert in snail identification with these quizzes:

Snail Quiz 1 (easy level) :  Frequent snails

Snail Quiz 2 (easy level) : Snails with a higher than wide shell

Snail Quiz 3 (easy level) : Snails with a globular or discoidal shell with a well-defined umbilicus

Snail Quiz 4 (easy level) : Snails with a globular or discoidal shell and no umbilicus


A pdf version of this quiz is available:

Download the pdf version of the quiz.