Frequently asked questions about Spipoll

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Spipoll


1. When to carry out this protocol?

You can observe pollinating insects and send us your data throughout the year. However, you will have a better chance of finding pollinators in spring (from April onwards) on a sunny and rather warm day.

2. What kind of camera should I bring?

You can use any digital camera with a macro mode.

3. Why do you have to stay 20 minutes in front of a flower?

The protocol requires you to stand in front of a flower for 20 minutes in order to be able to make statistics on the data collected (identical observation time, comparable "observation pressure"). 20 minutes is an acceptable length of time for the participants while giving the researchers a good overview of the diversity of pollinators.


4. What if my plant is not on the list?

Unfortunately, not all flowering plants in France are listed in the determination key. If the plant you are interested in is not present, don't panic!
A field to specify an identification is available, located after "You know a more precise name:" You can then choose at the very end of the drop-down list "unknown taxon of the key".