List of actions to promote biodiversity

Find here all the actions to promote biodiversity in schools that we propose. Click on the name of the action to access more details.

Action Sort descending Intérêt de l'action Espèces pouvant bénéficier de l'action Efficacité de l'action Durée pour voir une évolution de la biodiversité Coût de l'action
Build and install a birdhouse

To reproduce, birds need a place to raise their young. This place should be safe from predators and, depending on the birds, have different characteristics. We advise you to find out about the birds that frequent the surroundings of your school by doing the Birds of the Gardens protocol. Be careful though, it is not always the same birds that you will… en savoir plus

Oiseaux *** Quelques mois €€
Build hedgehog shelters
Building and installing a feeder

Birds are animals that regulate their own body temperature (homeothermic) by producing heat (endothermic), in order to keep their bodies at a constant temperature... just like us humans! Yes, you may have noticed that we have certain body reactions that allow us to produce heat when it is cold, such as shivering. However, most of us spend the winter months in heated homes or covered in thick… en savoir plus

Connecting the green spaces of the establishment with the outside